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Competition Philosophy
The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Office makes every effort to ensure that competitions sponsored by the Kingdom provide feedback from experts in their field.


Caid offers artisans opportunities to share their artwork through competitions and displays. Caid has two premier Arts & Sciences competitions:
Crescent Artisan
Pentathlon with the Kingdom Arts Fair

Since feedback is an integral component for growth and learning, smaller competitions will be offered throughout the year to give artisans an opportunity to receive feedback prior to Pentathlon and Crescent Artisan.

Items entered in Kingdom sponsored Arts and Sciences competitions will be evaluated against a 100 point period ideal. 

Each of the seven categories contains subcategories
related to that field.

In order to provide a consistent structure, all Kingdom of Caid sponsored competitions will use the Scoring and Feedback Sheets listed below. We encourage entrants to view the those sheets in order to ensure that the entry is placed into the appropriate category. If you need help finding the best category for your entry, please contact the Competition Steward.

Categories (Select a category below to view the scoring and feedback sheets)
Armor & Weaponry
Fiber & Clothing
It is a good idea to review the scoring and feedback sheets so that you are aware of what the experts will be looking at.  Remember that each item is scored on its own against a period ideal.  If you need help finding the best category for your entry, please contact the competition steward or the Kingdom A&S Minister.

Showcase Option

Sharing artwork inspires others to create, so all Kingdom-level competitions will offer a display-only option. Items included in the Display will not receive a scored feedback but will be eligible for People’s Choice voting.  The Artisan is encouraged to place a blank book with the entry and invite onlookers to leave comments about the item.


We are always looking for subject matter experts to act as evaluators in all our Competitions.  If you would like to participate in this, please read over the evaluator’s handbook and sign up below.

Are you new and unsure if you are ready?  Let us know, and we can arrange for you to shadow a team of more experienced evaluators until you are confident enough to proceed on your own.

Evaluators Handbook
Volunteer to Evaluate