The primary goal of the SCA is to educate. By recreating period objects and studying period methods, the arts and sciences community helps bring us closer to understanding daily life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.



The phrase “Arts and Sciences” is widely used in the Society to cover the huge variety of medieval knowledge and skills available to explore, either theoretically or practically. For some people this means researching and cooking period dishes, for others, hand-crafting their own armour or performing music for an appreciative audience. For everyone it’s a chance to try their hand at all kinds of activities – and for some it’s an opportunity to develop a high level of skill or expertise. Education events allow people to teach and to learn from peers with specific skill sets.


Education Events




Classes taught range from Calligraphy to Woodworking with sessions of combat thrown in. Experience in the field is not always a prerequisite to attend as the goal is to learn and broaden horizons.



Anyone who has an idea for a class and is wlling to prepare and teach it is a potential teacher. All ideas are reviewed by the event autocrat to make sure the session would be compatible with the other classes and the submitor has the experience in that field to be considered as a teacher.