Research Sources

Research Sources

Links that will lead you to libraries, books and where to find them, journals and databases of finds.

WorldCat : the Worlds largest library catalogue*

The British Library*

Google Books*

Jstor Open Access*

York Archaeological Trust -Free PDFs of OOP books at bottom of page*

Internet Archaeology Journal*

Archaeological Textiles Newsletter- Back Issue PDFs*

Web Gallery of Art*

Archeological Data Service*

SCA Arts and Sciences resources webpage*

List of links to subject specific resources at Kingdom of Atlantia website 



Links that will lead to online collections housed at museums
Freer Sackler Museum Online Collection*
The British Museum Collection Online*
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Online Publications*
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Online Collection*
Walters Art Museum Collection Online*
Getty Museum Search Gateway*
Historiska, Swedish History Museum Collection Search*
Historiska: Swedish History Museum- Hjalmar Stolpes grävdagböcker & anteckningar*
Historiska: Swedish History Museum’s Digitized Literature*
Nationalmuseet- National Museum of Denmark Flicker*
Nationalmuseet- National Museum of Denmark Website*
Museum of London Online Collection*
Portable Antiquities SchemeUniversity of Houston Institutional Depository*



Links that will lead to resources available through universities
University of Cambridge, Research Portal*
Uppsala University Publications*
University of Oslo Research Archive*



Online Manuscript Libraries
Links to scans and transcripts of period manuscripts and documents
Bodleian Library Manuscripts Online*
Fordheim University Internet Medieval Sourcebook at: transcripts of medieval documents*
Archives Nationales -The French National Archives*
Marie de France – Manuscript Sources*
Medieval Manuscripts in Dutch Collections*
Manuscripta Medievalia*
MDZ -Munich Digital Library*
Digital Medieval Manuscripts at Houghton Library*
National Library of Australia, Digital Medieval Manuscripts*
Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Mapp*
Monastic Manuscript Project*
The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library*
The Vatican Library*
The Ambrosiana Archive – University of Notre Dame*
Munich – The Bayerische Staatsbibliothek*
British National Archives: Ancient Petitions to the King et al.*