Recommendations for Artisan Spotlight

Recommendations for Artisan Spotlight


Want to Nominate someone?

Know someone that is awesome that you’d want the rest of Caid (and the world) to learn about them? Let us know!

Please provide us with the information on the recommendation form Here, and we can take care of the rest:




Do you have the time to actually do the interview for us?

Are you interested in helping us interview artisans that deserve the exposure? Great! 
This is what we need your kind assistance with if you are up to the challenge:

Get a list of questions answered (download the Artisan Spotlight Interview form here).(On-line nterview form Here)

Pick out some pictures that we can use for the spotlight

We will need a Model Release Form from the subject, as well as the Photographer Release Form (if one is not already on file).

Have they any videos (Youtube, Vimeo, etc), websites, blogs or other channels that focus on their art? We’d love to share those as well.  Just let us know!

Thank you so much for your nomination and help with our project!