Artisan Spotlight: Sophia de la Roche

Artisan Spotlight: THLady Sophia de la Roche


THLady Sophia de la Roche is an incredibly talented artisan who dabbles in many arts and sciences, but she definitely shines when it comes to her culinary endeavors.  Recently she displayed an incredible entry for the Dayboard competition at  Caid Coronation and 40 year Celebration, and she won the title of our Premier Crescent Artisan for her period chocolate entry at Art War: Crescent Artisan.  Her Ladyship has a gentile and kind demeanor and is always a pleasure to speak with.

What is your SCA Name and Title?
THL Sophia de la Roche

How long have you been in the SCA?
My aunt and uncle, Mistress Kristin and Sir Robear, used to take me to events when I was a toddler so I could glom onto King Gregory. It wasn’t until after high school that I rediscovered the local group in Artemisia, so I had a few years gap!

How did you find the SCA?
My lord husband was practically born into the SCA – I was sort of adopted into it ?

Entry for the Dayboard Competition at 40 year. Photo by Teryl Basinger

What do you consider your primary art form/science?
Cookery is my passion – feeding the body and soul

What other art forms do you enjoy?
I also do work in textiles, calligraphy and illumination, mosaic, language research, music, and costuming as the need arises. A renaissance woman needs to be versatile!

What project are you currently working on?
Finishing a tapestry for my daughter and researching 15th ce French and Northern Italian costume

What do you enjoy about doing art/science?
I am a lifelong learner. My joy is in the discovery, especially when I can bring other people along

What is your favorite project to date?
The King’s Orange Pyes – Pentathlon 2011

How often do you work on your art/science?
Daily – i have a family to feed ? but I find research happens pretty frequently, too

Who inspires you in the SCA?
Women Who Get Things Done – HE Mistress Kristin of Trondheim, HG Mistress Esebell Grant, HE Dame Lorissa, and countless others with and without titles who you may never know are making the Dream possible for others

Photo by Teryl Basinger

Where do you find inspiration to do your art/science?
There is inspiration everywhere! In period still life paintings, in tapestries, in foodie magazines, in friends’ posts on FaceBook… history is alive and constanty being re-discovered and re-interpreted

Is there anything else you would like to add?
The Arts and Sciences in the SCA are an amazing vehicle for building community, self-development, and just plain having fun. I still love teaching and learning with others and bringing to life all those ideas and dreams.